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Designer & Bespoke
Garage Doors

There are times when an off the shelf solution just won’t match the requirements of the project – a strangely-shaped opening or a difficult internal layout, a specific front door to match or just something completely out of the ordinary. In these cases, a bespoke garage doors service is required.

Typically the process starts with a meeting to discuss your individual projects and go through any drawings or inspiration you might have. Additionally, we would normally address the technicalities, such as ensuring there is sufficient space for the door mechanism and associated automation. If the build stage has already begun then we would combine this with a site survey and if desired create technical drawings of your door for approval. This bespoke garage door service is provided completely free of charge. To summarise:

Benefits of bespoke garage doors

• We will provide you with all the design and technical information you may need either before or during a site survey where we will take full measurements – we carry a full range of surface finishes and styles to view, as well as having a showroom with every available garage door type on show.
• Once this is completed, you will be given a full design and specification with a detailed quotation and installation schedule. Our work on site is professional and we work to strict standards of quality, safety and cleanliness.
• To keep disruption to a minimum, we usually complete installation in one day, perhaps with a follow up visit the following day for any snagging.
• All our doors are covered by the longest guarantees in the industry.

Below are a couple of real scenarios of bespoke garage doors we have encountered and the innovative solutions that we have found:


Examples of Bespoke Garage Door Projects:

Modern Oak Frame Doors

With very limited internal space but with a need for more than just the simple look of a roller door, our client found the Delta Overlap trackless sectional to be perfect, with over 30 standard surface finishes in a wide range of styles and with the option to completely customise your door. The door can also be totally glazed.

Bespoke garage door

Timber-Faced Steel Sectional Door with Custom Arched Header Piece

Our client required a timber door to satisfy planners, and for aesthetic considerations, but wanted the strength, security and insulation of a steel sectional door. The Ryterna insulated sectional door with a 12mm hardwood veneer worked perfectly, including custom pattern routing and a bespoke fixed arched header piece to match.

Ryterna insulated sectional door

Trio of Solid Cedar Sectional Doors

We were approached by a high end building company who were building a coach house style garage where the architects had specified side-hinged doors. However, the client didn’t want the opening narrowed down by the doors or to accommodate for the outswing of these doors. As such, our friends at Cedar Door created some bespoke garage doors, solid cedar sectional doors with custom carving to achieve the look that the architect had put on his plans. Needless to say, our client was very happy with the finished product.

Coach house style garage door

Custom Wooden Garage Doors

While we supply custom made doors in many materials we find that the wooden doors on a steel frame are the most popular choice wth our customers.

Custom made garage door

Glazed Oak Frame Sectional Garage Doors

To give their luxury cars a home and also act as a proper workshop our clients had commissioned a large set of oak frame garages to be built with three generous single openings and one very large double. The brief was for a ‘pit’ style garage door which would allow maximum natural light but still maintain privacy. This lead us to specify aluminium frame fully glazed sectional doors with 2 internal layers of opaque glazing and an external skin of clear glazing with a custom window arrangement so that the three single doors and the large door shared some dimensional symmetry. As ever, we arranged drawings of the doors, agreed all the fine detail such as frame positioning and we think that the finished project speaks for itself.

Custom made garage door

Colourful Side-Sliding Sectional Doors

On this occasion we were challenged by our clients to help with their new garage project. They were building a new large garage to house their vehicles but had a few specific requests – the doors needed to be side-sliding sectional doors, they needed to have floor to ceiling glazing panels, be automated and also needed to be available in a very bright colour. We met with them and their builder to get the sizing and then requested multiple large custom painted swatches from the manufacturer to decide which colour to go for, settling on Pearlescent Pink. We had design drawings made up and decided the split of the doors – which was to have them as a pair joining in the middle like curtains rather than one big door to minimise the internal space requirements. Upon installation we are pleased to report that the clients were very pleased with the striking appearance and high functionality of the door sets.

Custom made garage door

Listed Property

Our client had a car port which was in a dilapidated condition but being attached to a Grade 2* listed building needed to have a set of doors installed which were sympathetic to the building but which would also overcome the strong slope in the floor across the site. As such we worked together to agree a design, produced drawings to show the proposed set of doors and when agreed put them into production. The finished doors give all the benefits of being insulated steel sectional doors, have a custom wedge cut to the bottom of the panels to match the floor (each one being different) and are fully automated with home automation capability but with custom hardware (hinges and handles) attached to match other items found around the property allowing them to blend in with their surroundings.

Custom made garage door


For more information on any of our services, some friendly professional advice or to arrange a free site survey please give us a ring or fill in the contact form below and we will be in contact as soon as we can.

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