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All the Garage Door materials to choose from

At Up & Over Doors we know the importance that the right choice of material can have in your garage door – with the main options being aluminium, steel, timber, GRP and uPVC. Never fear, we are here to help with our handy guide below.

If just looking at the options is doing it for you then to see the materials in the flesh, pop down to our showroom or get in touch to book a home visit where we can bring all the samples with us.

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Material Types:

aluminium garage doors


Aluminium garage doors are very light, are very resistant to rust and are typically powder-coated in a colour of your choice. Aluminium is used predominately for insulated roller garage doors but some custom door types do use aluminium finishes.

The different types of Aluminium Garage Doors

Insulated Roller Garage Doors – AlluGuard, Garador & GDS

The leading Brands for Aluminium Doors

AlluGuard, Garador, Hormann, GDS

Whichever type or brand of Aluminium Garage door you can be sure of expert fitting and
great value from Up & Over

steel garage doors


Steel is used in virtually all door types due to its
strength and versatility.  Typically steel doors are finished in a powder-coat painted finish but are also available galvanised or with timber effect finishes. Such is it’s adaptability that both
the most affordable garage doors – up and overs and single-skin roller doors – and the most expensive are constructed of steel.

The leading Brands for Steel Garage Doors

Garador, Hormann, GDS, Silvelox, Delta, Ryterna, Cardale

timber garage doors

Timber garage doors are the most traditional form of door but have remained timelessly popular due to their aesthetic quality and range
of styles available. Garage doors are typically made of resinous Cedar, although hardwoods can be used too. Some have metal frames for stability.

Most types of garage door are available in timber including up and over doors and sectional doors, side-hung doors.

One major consideration with timber is that there is a maintenance factor – you don’t have to look after them but if you don’t you will find that the look and functionality degrade faster than the same door type in a different material.

From the lightest oak to the darkest ebony, all
colour or finish requirements can be met, including fully painted or simply primed or base-coated.

gPR / fibreglass garage doors

GRP is Glass Reinforced Polyester, sometimes known as fibre glass, which is used in windows and yacht and cars as well as garage doors,  produced in a mould process which can capture detailed designs. Produced in high gloss whites, a range of colours or, most popularly, in wood grain finishes.

GRP garage doors are strong and durable yet
light and flexible. Popular in marine locations due to their resistance to salinity, they are also in demand as they can achieve very realistic timber finishes that are easy to maintain and keep looking good.

GRP is used most typically in Up & Over doors, but is also available in side-hinged varieties.

ABS / plastic / uPVC garage doors

ABS stands for Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. ABS and uPVC have similar properties and
both types are generically known as ‘plastic’.

UPVC Garage Doors are durable yet light and
flexible and are easy to maintain and keep looking good. However, they are
largely being phased out as they were relatively expensive without offering any
major benefit over the other more established materials.



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