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Garage Door Security

Garage Door security is worth looking into Up+Over can advise you on the best options whichever type of door you choose.

The latest garage doors have an improved level of security built in and at Up&Over we can advise on a range of added security measures.

  • Increased weight and special bolts make for extra security
  • Extra secure Garage Doors are available in each of the main types of door
  • Up&Over can advise of the best security options for you
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Garage Door Security

It is a simple fact that the more substantial the weight and build of garage doors then the more secure they will be when fitted with appropriate bolts and locks. Increased Security Garage Doors are available in all the standard type of Garage Doors.

At Up+Over we can also advise on extra elements of security like CCTV and Alarms.

Extra Security Up and Over Garage Doors

A good quality up and over garage door with a steel sub frame with four locking points will provide a very good level of security particularly if the panel is box section construction with a cylinder locking system is fitted. Forcing entry would be hard work and noisy rendering it too risky for the opportunist thief. Up+ Over Recommend the GUARDIAN Range by Carador with extra bracing and carrying the approval of ‘Secured by design’ with a level 1 LPCB rating for resisting forced entry.

Helpful Hints

Extra Security

The double skinned aluminium roller shutter with strong side guides and bottom slat to prevent forcing the curtain, combined with rolling code radio technology and a proven locking system provide the best security combination for this type of door.

Heavyweight Hinged Steel security Garage Doors

With extra thick 42cm panels when correctly installed these are very secure indeed, especially when fitted with an hydraulic electric door operator and electro-magnetic lock. Properly specified and installed these can be very secure indeed, especially when fitted with a hydraulic electric door operator with an electro-magnetic lock.

The SILVELOX Garage Doors option for good looks and top security

Silvelox offers the ultimate in security through a combination of 80mm thick one piece counterbalanced door panels with automatic latches and reinforced bolts locking into tough steel sections. Coming in a variety of superb wooden panel finishes to be as good looking as they are secure.

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At Up&Over we can advise on the right Garage Door Security doors ,how to make them as secure as possible to match the needs of your household and your budget

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