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Garage Door Motors

Whether you are looking to motorise your existing older door (yes, it can be done!) or for a state-of-the-art garage automation system, we can help.

Automated garage doors with the correct electric motor provide both real convenience and extra security. In selecting your new motor, the most important consideration is that the motor is powerful enough to easily lift your door and that it is compliant with all current safety legislation.

Motors are available in a whole range of strengths (measured in Newtons in the UK and horsepower in the US) as the motor that lifts a double sized timber door will need to be stronger than that which lifts a single sized steel door. Whilst the smaller motor might be able to lift the bigger door initially, it will soon burn out. Similarly, it is important that the motor you chose has been tested to work with your door type and will do so safely, so that if it encounters an obstacle it will stop and reverse. With 39 years experience of garage door motors, let the Up & Over team help you chose the appropriate solution.

In recent years the technology available in the motors has moved on significantly so they can now fully integrate into an existing home automation system to be controlled by smart phone or tablet, as well as working in conjunction with cameras to allow you to monitor the garage. Additionally if there is no power available then battery powered motors are available, with the option to trickle charge from a solar panel.

In the simplest terms, once you have experienced the luxury of opening and closing the garage door at the touch of a button you will wish you had done it years ago!

Why Buy?

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fast opening + closing
  • Huge range of options for door control
  • Home automation integration
  • Eco-friendly motors with solar power
  • Motors to suit all types of doors
  • Guaranteed for at least 5 years (with the exception of the LM650 roller motor and some tube motors)

– Prices for garage door motors start from £395 including VAT, and this includes two remotes. Book your survey now.

As a totally independent specialist, we work with all the leading manufacturers to give you the solution that suits you best, not simply offering you our own or affiliated brands.

We’re proud to be a Which? Approved Trusted Trader.

which trusted trader up and over doors ltd

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