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Thank you for considering Up & Over Doors Ltd for you home improvement.

Your new door must be installed square and plumb to give you years of trouble free service.

Likewise, your opening must be square and plumb to optimise the operation and appearance of your door. We always like to point out some of the adverse site conditions that could affect performance of your new door:

  • If your floor is not level at the opening, your door may not seal properly.
  • If your lintel is not level, your door may appear off level.
  • If your jambs or reveals are not plumb (i.e. square) the appearance of your door may be affected.
  • If we are removing an old frame, there is no way to guarantee that brick or other masonry work will not be disturbed. We will carefully remove your old frame, but we cannot be held responsible for damage caused by the removal of the frame. For example: loose masonry or plaster.
  • When fixing through old and particularly pre-cast garages it is necessary to use tools that use a vibrating (hammer) effect. As such there is a possibility that render or similar external finishes (plaster, gel coat, etc) may become loosened around the area being worked upon. Whilst we will take every care to leave your garage in A1 condition, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused whilst correctly fixing your door with appropriately sized fixings.
  • We often have to place fixings into ceilings or walls of your garage and to find solid fixings we may need to make several holes as we try to locate solid points to fix into.
  • We must have a 13 amp socket in your garage in order for us to provide power to your electric opener. We cannot wire to a consumer unit (service board) or lighting circuit. If no appropriately positioned socket is available, you will need to get a qualified electrician it wire a 13 amp socket in the location where it is needed.

Additional for New Build or Renovation:

  • We generally insist that the door be installed after the floor is finished. However, if the finished floor is not yet in, you must clearly indicate where the finished floor level will be on the reveals so that we can install the door at the right height and set the limits on any motor that may be part of the installation. An additional call out charge will be incurred if we have to return to make adjustments to either the door or opener as a result of a differing floor level.
  • If your garage is being plastered, this work must be carried our before the door can be installed (including ceiling). Plaster in the track, guides or other workings of the door will damage the door and void the warranty.

Thanks for taking the time to read these points. If you would like further clarification of any point raised or for any other queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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