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Types of garage door locks

Types of garage door locks explained

One of the most commonly damaged items on any garage door are the handles and/or locks, typically through a combination of accidental damage and criminal activity. Additionally, a popular national pastime is losing keys and given the age of most garage doors, the key lost is usually the only one!

As such, we hold on to a huge range of spare lock bodies, handles and locking handles for all the major door manufacturers, including some of those who have ceased to do business. Whilst the original parts are often obsolete, pattern parts are readily available owing to the level of demand from the key-losing public.

Below is a quick breakdown with some images to help you identify what sort of lock you need.


Many older doors and modern doors have lock bodies separate to the door handle, which makes for simpler change over. The most common old ones are the cabinet locks phoned on old fashioned Garador MK3C and SS doors, the most ubiquitous old garage doors. They look like this:lock-bodies-for-garage-doors

They are relatively simple to change and cost around £10.00, including a pair of new keys.
More modern doors have incorporated the Euro-Cylinder locks across all the Garador and Hormann Up & Over doors since the year 2000. Again, these are always in stock, cost around £12.00 and include a pair of new keys. Please see the image below for reference:


Where the door has a stand-alone lock body it is more common to have a separate handle as well. Where this is the case the handles typically have a square or diamond shaped shaft that slots into the doors locking mechanism and allows the locks to retract when turned. The most common of these is the Garador/Hormann elliptical black plastic handle as below:elliptical-black-garage-door-handle

Both the Garador and Hormann handles are always in stock at £25.00, and metal versions are also available in chrome, brass or white if preferred.

Additionally, a range of handles are available for other manufacturers such as Henderson, Apex, etc as shown below:


Other doors, including hundreds of thousands of older Henderson and Cardale doors have handles which the lock is built into. This also includes some Garador doors from the 1990’s. If you have lost the key for one of these or if the lock has been damaged, you do need to replace the whole handle and lock mechanism. There is no handle where you can remove the lock body, even if it may appear that you can. The issue here is that they are a little more complex so can be a little more expensive, particularly the Cardale euro-lock handle.

The most popular style handle is the T handle (originally named for it’s T-like shape) with lock body in the middle of the handle. These are typically from £15.00. Please see a few examples below:

Tim Stagg, garage door adviser and manager says:

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