Is my garage door repairable?

Yes! The good news is that the vast majority of garage doors can be repaired.

Most garage door parts are relatively simple and even when the parts for your door have ceased to be made there are pattern parts available – this includes springs, cones and cables, handles, locks and many more.

Our experienced team can carry out this repair for you, or we can supply the parts for you to repair it yourself.

Sometimes however there are so many issues with your garage door, or if it is really old, that a reliable repair is not possible. In these cases it may be more economically sensible to consider a replacement. Or, if you have a particularly attractive and / or expensive door panel then a complete replacement of all the door gear is possible.

If choosing to repair your own garage door please take great care as, amongst other things, they can be very heavy and uncontrolled spring tension can be very dangerous if you aren’t familiar with what you are doing.

We understand that often a repair is an emergency so we carry a huge range of parts including springs, rollers, brackets and hinges in stock.

Get in touch today to see how we can help.