Frequently Asked Questions

As there are some questions we get asked more often than others, we have prepared a list of the most popular below. Hopefully this will answer any questions you may have but if there is anything not covered that you would like an answer to please either give us a call or send us an email and one of the team will be pleased to help.

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Popular Questions:

Automation can provide a range of benefits for different people. For some it means avoiding standing in the rain fumblng with garage keys, for those less able it is a life-line to allow them access and security. Either way, it will cost less you than think, and in some cases can be VAT exempt. Give us a ring to find out more.

There are a number of options for insulating your garage. Some garage doors, such as sectionals and rollers can come pre-insulated to varying degrees whilst there are also retro-fit kits than can be applied to any door to improve their thermal efficiency. Give us a ring to find out more.

All garage doors are relatively low maintenance but the least maintenance is required for the retractable type garage door as it has no cables and few parts. To see which doors would best suit your space, why not drop into our showroom or give us a ring to find out more.

The highest level of security are those doors that carry the ‘Secure by Design’ accreditation. At Up & Over we offer a ‘Secure by Design’ option on all the major door types, up & over, sectional and roller. To find out more drop in to our showroom to see the doors in action or give us a ring to find out more.

Where the site is limited by awkward shapes and sizes there is always a solution. Whether it be a vertically opening sectional or roller to avoid a curved opening or a made-to-measure door, to fit in a tight gap.

Insulated garage doors are considered eco-friendly as they reduce the carbon footprint of your home by reducing energy wastage through the garage opening. Additionally, all the timber doors are made from managed forests where three trees are planted to replace every tree taken.

For houses with a high design element something more unusual may be required. We have the widest range of doors available, including Silvelox and Ballan, to give the perfect finishing touch to any property. Why not take advantage of our design service to help visualise the finished product? Drop into our showroom to see the doors in action or give us a ring to find out more.

Garage door windows are increasingly popular as people use their garage space as an extension of their home as well as a place to store a vehicle. All the main types of garage doors offer a window option, with the most glazing available in some Up & Over doors.

At Up & Over we have a range of side entrance and rear entrance doors available in steel, timber, pvc and insulated steel to meet whatever requirements you may have. Drop in to our showroom to see the doors in action or give us a ring to find out more.

The best budget option is often the up and over canopy door. It hasn’t changed in design for many years and offers tried and tested reliability at an affordable price. Additionally we regularly have clearance sales that give you the opportunity to buy a more expensive door at a bargain price.

In coastal locations painted steel doors can rapidly deteriorate. As such we recommend GRP, UPVC or plastisol coated steel doors to resist the salt air. There is still a huge range of styles and finishes available so drop in to our showroom to see the doors in action or give us a ring to find out more.

The installation time depends on the complexity of the job and the size of the door. It is unusual for any installation to take longer than a day as we will never leave your garage unsecured. If there are multiple garage doors to fit it may take longer but we will discuss this with you at time of order.

We hold many doors in stock and can have them installed within 5 working days. Our average turn around time from order to installation is 2-3 weeks. Sometimes however, and particularly for the larger and more bespoke doors that we need to import, they can take up to 8-10 weeks.

We take pride in our workmanship and have confidence in the products we sell. As such we offer a no-quibble guarantee for a minimum of 2 years on all doors and motors that we install. The vast majority of our doors, including the budget doors, are covered by a 10 year guarantee. Drop in to our showroom to see the doors in action or give us a ring to find out more. The guarantees we offer are manufacturer backed but please note that they are not insurance backed.