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Topics in this section include pricing for garage doors, garage door motors, servicing, repairs and other related information.

We’re proud to be a Which? Approved Trusted Trader.

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The cost of a garage door can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of door, the size, the style, whether or not it has insulation, whether it is manual or motorised and what extra options you might choose. Here are some guide price for different types of garage doors:

  1. Single sized, non-insulated garage doors: These doors are typically made of steel and can cost between £800 and £1,300.
  2. Double sized non-insulated garage doors: These doors are also typically made of steel and can cost between £1500 and £3000.
  3. Single sized insulated sectional garage doors: These doors are made of steel with insulation in between the panels and can cost between £1750 and £2500.
  4. Double sized insulated sectional garage doors: These doors are also made of steel with insulation and can cost between £2200 and £3500.
  5. Single sized insulated roller garage doors: These doors are made of aluminium with insulation in between the laths and can cost between £1550 and £2200.
  6. Double sized insulated roller garage doors: These doors are made of steel with insulation in between the panels and can cost between £2200 and £3000.
  7. Timber garage doors: These doors can cost between £1,500 and £4,000, depending on the type of design, the size and the level of customization.
  8. Custom garage doors: These doors can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminium, glass, timber and / or fibre-glass, and can cost between £3,000 and £10,000 or more, depending on the design and features.

It’s important to note that these price ranges will vary based on factors such as the location and the complexity of the installation.

Whilst the concept of ‘value’ is subjective, most commonly the question is asked to ascertain what garage door will give a strong, reliable and aesthetic solution for the lowest cost.

In this case the answer is almost always a modern, steel up and over garage door in a standard size. The most economical style is normally a ribbed door such as the Garador Horizon or Carlton.

These doors offer a long 10 year guarantee, an excellent level of security as standard which is upgradable and a clean modern look. At the time of writing these doors are available for supply and installation from just £795.00 inc VAT.

In terms of the best value motorised garage door then again an up and over door with a motor system attached is usually the best combination of function of value.

For double sized garage doors, up and over doors actually aren’t usually the most economical option – largely due to the logistics of making and transporting what is a very large and heavy garage door. For larger doors it is often the single skin steel roller door that offers the best combination of function and value, and again can also be motorised easily and at relatively low cost.

We would be really pleased to help guide you towards the best value door for your project so please get in touch today for friendly advice.

The cost of motorising your garage door can vary depending on several factors, including whether it is a retro-fit installation or installed with your new door, the type of garage door opener system, the size and weight of the garage door, and the complexity of the installation. As a guide, the cost of motorising your door is typically around £400.00 with a new installation and around £500.00 as a retro-fit installation. The cost of additional options will require a slightly larger budget. For retro-fit installations it’s important to factor in the cost of any necessary modifications or repairs to your existing garage door to ensure that the installation is safe, secure and reliable.

Send us your query today and we will help find the best solution for you.

The cost of a motorised garage door varies depending on a number of factors such as the type of door, the size and the style.

As a base-line guide then the best value motorised door system would be a single, standard sized steel up and over door with a motor system which starts at around £1200.00 inc VAT and installation. Insulated roller garage doors typically start at around £1500.00 inc VAT and motorised sectional garage doors normally start at around £1800.00 inc VAT.

To get an exact price, get in touch today with your requirements and we would be pleased to help.

We always have a range of doors in stock and there is always a deal to be done if you are on a tight budget!

The cost of a garage door service is typically £99 per door. Where you have more than one door the other door(s) will be charged at half the rate. So a twin garage service would be £148. Alternatively, we can offer a service plan for a number of consecutive years which a) locks in the current price and b) offers a £10 discount.

The service consists of an inspection of all of the components of your garage door, including, where applicable, the springs, cables, rollers, hinges, tracks, and opener system. We will check for signs of wear and tear, damage, or malfunction. We will be able to make any necessary adjustments, repairs, or replacements – any extra parts required will be chargeable but we will outline these costs to you before carrying out the work. We will also lubricate moving parts and test the safety features of the door, such as the auto-reverse mechanism. We keep a record of the service so that we can compare it to future services to identify any change in the condition of your door.

The cost of a garage door repair can vary depending on the nature and extent of the repair needed, as well as the age, size and complexity of the garage door. For example, springs for a large double door are larger so are more expensive than springs for a single door. In general, the most simple garage door repair that doesn’t require parts starts at £90.00.

Below is a list of the most common garage door repairs and guide pricing:

  1. Spring Replacement (for a pair of springs – we usually recommend replacing both springs so that the door remains well balanced): £280.00
  2. Cable Replacement, including Cones if required: £150.00
  3. Roller Wheel Replacement: £125.00
  4. Handle and / or Lock Replacement: £120.00

This list is not exhaustive, but it is indicative of what you can expect to pay.

Emergency repairs or repairs outside of regular business hours will incur additional costs – the standard rate is £150.00.

For more information on timescales to arrange a repair please read our article: ‘How long does it take to arrange a garage door repair?’

Garage doors site surveys offered by reputable businesses should be free.

Certainly, we offer site surveys for free as it is a good opportunity to have a friendly, impartial conversation about what you want from your garage, measure the garage in detail and then typically we would then send you a detailed quotation.

Where there is a charge for a site survey then we would recommend exercising caution – normally those who charge for a site survey are hoping that the psychology of already having made a payment to the business will make you more likely to continue with that provider regardless.

Get in touch today and we will be pleased to assist as soon as you are ready for us.

Our standard payment terms are 50% with order of the door and the balance when the door has been installed successfully and you are happy. If you decide to add some extras after paying your initial deposit then typically no additional deposit will be required. Beware of companies asking for full payment up front, or a deposit followed by the balance of payment the day before installation as you will then have little or no leverage if there is a problem.

If you have any other queries or need more information please get in touch.

Payment for your garage door can be made in all the usual ways, and to suit you. We take payment by debit card, credit card (there is no additional charge for using a credit card) bank transfer, cash or even cheque if you still have a chequebook! Additionally, we can take payment through PayPal enabling you to make use of PayPal Finance options.

Whatever your preference, we are happy to help and if you do have any queries just get in touch.

It is possible to get an estimated quote for a replacement garage door using your own measurements. We can give accurate estimates for budgeting purposes but it may not be entirely accurate so we would always look to arrange a free site survey to confirm the measurements if you wanted to proceed.

Additionally if you have architects plans for new projects with or without a detailed specification we will be able to quote from these. We can also order doors based on measurements alone – which is sometimes required with time sensitive building projects where you cannot wait for the opening to be built plus the lead time of the door. In these cases we will do all we can to give you all the measurement confirmation and technical specifications we can to ensure the installation is a success – and we have carried out many, many successful installations in this way – but you do have to accept the risk that if the door does not fit then you will need to bear the cost of adaption to the garage door or even a whole replacement garage door.

For the most accurate pricing we would always recommend getting in touch to arrange a free site survey – when we measure the opening, we guarantee the door will fit.

Whilst we believe that we offer the best value at all times, we do on occasion have some doors which are available at even better prices!

Typically these are brand new doors with a full guarantee that have simply sat in our stock for longer than we would like, and on occasion we also have nearly new doors that offer the best possible value and have decades of life left in them. Let us know your sizes and we can let you know what we have that will suit.

If you are building a new garage then we often work with builders and specifiers to match a door from our stock with the new opening size.

In the case of a home visit, when we have completed our survey we can advise you if there are any doors that would suit your garage from our stock. Whilst you may want to choose a specific colour and style when the door is on the front of your house, if the door is in a rear lane or away from the house then functionality and a keen price can be more important factors!

Get in touch today and we would be really pleased to match you with one of our doors!

We are able to arrange delivery for virtually all the products that we offer.

For garage doors themselves we deliver within our service area (BS, BA, SN, SP, GU, OX, GL, TA, EX postcodes) and can arrange delivery out of our area by special request. The typical cost for us to deliver a garage door is £36.00 inc VAT for most doors.

For smaller spares and remote controls postage is typically £6.00 inc VAT.

For heavier, larger items such as springs the delivery cost varies but in all cases we only charge what it costs us to get the parts to you.

In most situations the answer is yes.

If you have a need for more than one door at your property then there is certainly an economy of scale to us installing a couple of doors on one visit and this will be reflected in the price we quote you.

In other situations, such as if you have a garage in a rank and other neighbours also are in need of new doors, then we can provide you with pricing for just one door, but also with price breaks for if you have two / three doors done in one visit, four / five doors, etc.

Essentially, the key to whether or not a discount is available is based on how many trips to the same location we need to make.

Whatever your need, we will always be pleased to discuss how we can offer the best possible value for you – get in touch today to discuss your plans with us in more detail.

Referrals are at the heart of our business, and we are always really pleased to hear from those who have been recommended to us.

We don’t have a specific scheme to reward those who have made these recommendations but we do always try and offer our best pricing at all times.

If however you are able to team up with your neighbours so that we can carry out installations for you and them at the same time then there is certainly a discount to be had. For more information on this please see our article ‘Is there a discount if I buy more than one garage door?’

However we can help, please get in touch today.

We have the utmost respect for those who work for the NHS or in other services such as the Police and military. In recognition of this we offer a 5% discount – or on occasion a free upgrade if that offers you a better saving.

Get in touch and let us know when booking your appointment so that we can make sure that the discount is applied.

jennifer cook
Garage door looks very smart.
Mike Brain
Excellent product quality and service. I can highly recommend this company.
elise ball
5 star service from start to finish! I would highly recommend Up and Over doors happily to anyone and will be doing so. From the free quote to installation of my garage door the service was unbeatable, thank you!
William Soens
Everyone was on time, professional and done a great job. I got 3 quotes and they were the cheapest by some way for the exact same product. Would recommend.
Anthony Evans
Very pleased with Up & Over Doors professional service from survey to installation. Great job!
Stephen Buckingham
From the initial quotation to the actual installation, Up&Over Doors have been a very professional company to deal with. Their communication is excellent, even phoning me the day before to check that everything was okay for the installation to go ahead. The installers were friendly and chatty and left my home in a clean and tidy condition. If you’re after a new garage door, I would definitely recommend this company.
Graham Smith
Every one I had contact with was helpful and friendly. the men who installed the door did a fantastic job very very pleased. These guys were not electricians so a power socket was supplied.
Best customer service i ever come across.
Greg Markham
Really professional, came to site provided a couple of options and walked me through each. Once agreed, the order process was simple, the team arrived as agreed and delivered to their agreed promises. Highly delighted with the install and the end result, got exactly what we needed, all for a good value cost. Would absolutely recommend for any garage door work.
Ian Bruce
This family run company excels at the simple things that means they provide great customer service. They listen to their customers and communicate well. They look to see what they can do, rather than what they cannot do. So much more positive than another garage door company I dealt with some years ago. The engineers that came from Up & Over Doors Ltd were brilliant and dedicated. They stayed well beyond their usual finishing time to complete the job and this for me proved their dedication to great customer service. A special mention for Ashley, Jakub and Scott.
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