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Topics in this section include information about the styles and feasibility of installing side doors for your garage.

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Yes, matching garage side doors (otherwise known as a personnel door) are widely available to complement your garage door – or a completely different style if that suits you.

We offer a complete range of styles and designs for garage side doors, which can also be customised to match your garage doors or other features of your garage with touches such as windows, decals and decorative hinges available. This can be a great way to improve the overall look and functionality of your garage while also maintaining a cohesive and uniform appearance.

When choosing a matching side door, consider factors such as the size, style, material, colour, and security features that will best suit your needs. Where security is paramount, we can offer exceptionally secure double skinned steel doors with multipoint locking, as well as additional security features such as drop bars and upgraded lock barrels.

Get in touch today and let us help you choose the garage side door that offers optimal performance, design and durability.

Yes, it is possible to have a personnel door installed within a garage door. This type of door is often referred to as a “wicket” or “pedestrian” door, and it allows for easy access to the garage without having to open the entire garage door.

A personnel door can be installed in a variety of garage doors but most typically they are available in up and over type doors and in sectional garage doors. We have doors in our showroom with integrated wicket doors so that you can see how they work for yourself – our preferred partner for these doors is Ryterna who make excellent sectional garage doors and equally excellent doors with integrated wicket doors. Equipped with a soft close mechanism they offer fantastic usability and are very durable. Wicket doors are typically dressed to one side or can be in the middle, and are designed to blend as well as possible with the style and colour of the main garage door.

It’s worth noting that wicket doors open outwards so do require a bit of space in front of the door to open. The additional cost to have a personnel / wicket door integrated into a sectional garage door is around £1000.00.

Yes, it is possible to install a new personnel door in a garage if there isn’t one already. We can carry out this work for you, or you can prepare the new opening yourself ready for the new door – if this is your choice then please get in touch to discuss what the standard sizes of garage personnel doors are.

Before you start the process it is worth considering factors such as the construction of your garage, the materials of the walls and also whether planning permission may be required. One simple option is if you have a window where there is already a lintel in place it is fairly simple to install a personnel door in its place.

Here are some general steps that may be involved in installing a new personnel door in a garage:

  1. Determine the location and size of the door: You need to decide where you want the door to be located, the size of the door that will fit in the available space and factors such as which size to have the hinges on and whether it is going to open inwards or outwards.
  2. Prepare the opening: You need to create an opening in the wall where the door will be installed. This may involve removing part of the wall or cutting a new opening and installing a lintel to support the new opening. Ensure that you have the necessary skills and training to safely carry out this work.
  3. Install the door and frame: All our garage doors are pre-framed for ease of installation. Ensure the door is installed square, level and to the manufacturer’s specification for a quality, long lasting solution.
  4. Finishing touches: Once the side garage door is installed, you may need to add fascia or otherwise carry out some redecoration.

To make life simpler, get in touch for some friendly advice or arrange a free site survey to let us plan the work for you.

jennifer cook
Garage door looks very smart.
Mike Brain
Excellent product quality and service. I can highly recommend this company.
elise ball
5 star service from start to finish! I would highly recommend Up and Over doors happily to anyone and will be doing so. From the free quote to installation of my garage door the service was unbeatable, thank you!
William Soens
Everyone was on time, professional and done a great job. I got 3 quotes and they were the cheapest by some way for the exact same product. Would recommend.
Anthony Evans
Very pleased with Up & Over Doors professional service from survey to installation. Great job!
Stephen Buckingham
From the initial quotation to the actual installation, Up&Over Doors have been a very professional company to deal with. Their communication is excellent, even phoning me the day before to check that everything was okay for the installation to go ahead. The installers were friendly and chatty and left my home in a clean and tidy condition. If you’re after a new garage door, I would definitely recommend this company.
Graham Smith
Every one I had contact with was helpful and friendly. the men who installed the door did a fantastic job very very pleased. These guys were not electricians so a power socket was supplied.
Best customer service i ever come across.
Greg Markham
Really professional, came to site provided a couple of options and walked me through each. Once agreed, the order process was simple, the team arrived as agreed and delivered to their agreed promises. Highly delighted with the install and the end result, got exactly what we needed, all for a good value cost. Would absolutely recommend for any garage door work.
Ian Bruce
This family run company excels at the simple things that means they provide great customer service. They listen to their customers and communicate well. They look to see what they can do, rather than what they cannot do. So much more positive than another garage door company I dealt with some years ago. The engineers that came from Up & Over Doors Ltd were brilliant and dedicated. They stayed well beyond their usual finishing time to complete the job and this for me proved their dedication to great customer service. A special mention for Ashley, Jakub and Scott.
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