Prices for auto-insulated sectional doors start from £1,350 including VAT. 

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Why use our Sectional Garage Doors in Cheltenham

Sectional Garage Doors are one of the most popular types of garage doors we offer because they offer the most functionality as standard and are available in a range of styles and finishes.

Combining all the most desirable attributes of any door, sectional doors are very strong – even available in a police-preferred ‘Secure by Design’ specification – they offer the best insulation and weatherproofing, open vertically and look great. In addition they are very safe and easy to repair and maintain.

Typically they are made of two pieces of steel with a foam core (known as a ‘sandwich panel’) which gives them their strength and insulation properties. They can also be made from solid timber to achieve a stunning aesthetic matched to the reliability and weatherproofing of the sectional mechanism or they can have a pass door – called a ‘wicket’ door – to allow you to access the garage without having to open the whole door. Most commonly they are motorised but they can be used manually and are also available without insulation.

Why buy our Sectional Garage Doors in Cheltenham

  • Extremely strong with great weatherproofing
  • Easy to operate and automate as required
  • Available in any colour, in a wide range of timber effects or actually made from timber
  • Vertical opening
  • Available with a range of options, including glazing
  • Different gear types available  –  high lift, side-sliding and trackless sectionals to suit different garage requirements
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

– Prices for auto-insulated sectional doors start from £1350 including VAT. Book a free survey now.

As a totally independent specialist, we work with all the leading manufacturers to give you the solution that suits you best, not simply offering you our own or affiliated brands. For further information take a look at the ‘Key Features’ interactive image and links below:

Key Features of Cheltenham Sectional Garage Doors

Hover over the numbers on the image below for the key features of Sectional Garage Doors
Sectional Garage Doors Cheltenham

Range of Styles

Sectional Doors are available in a wide range of materials, finishes, styles and with the widest range of window option


Finger-trap protection is standard and motor systems are designed to stop and reverse if the door encounters an obstacle


Sectional doors are the most insulated, with insulation as standard on most doors


Sectional doors are designed to be used with a motor system – however they can be manual if preferred


Sectional doors have the best weather-proofing with gasket seals all around the door and a large rubber bottom seal to keep warmth in and weather out

Vertical Opening

All sectional doors open vertically for enhanced convenience – particularly useful if you have a short drive


With the doors typically made of 40mm thick double-skinned steel they are very strong, and some are available with a ‘Secure by Design’ certification

Personnel Door

A wide range of matching side doors and even front doors are available to compliment your garage door

Additional Information About Our Sectional Garage Doors in Cheltenham

Vertical Doors

As their name implies, sectional garage doors are constructed from four or more rigid panels. The door panels are attached to roller wheels which fit into tracks which lift vertically and retract into the garage typically running under the internal roof line. With gasket seals around the whole frame, between each panel and a larger seal where the door meets the floor, they are quiet and form an excellent seal. The vertical opening mechanism means that the door opening can be higher, arched or even with angled corners.

Space Saving

The frame fits behind the door column giving the largest possible drive through area and gives more headroom too. And Sectional Garage Doors have the added advantage of not taking up any space on the drive. Useful if you are parking other cars.


There are occasions when the track mechanism for a sectional garage door cannot be accommodated but you still want the weatherproofing and look. In this scenario the trackless sectionals from Delta and Silvelox overcome this with their unique counter-weighted pivot system. In addition, they offer the most comprehensive range of styles and finishes, including fully glazed doors. Take a look at their brochures, available in the tabs below, and be inspired.


With exceptional thermal insulation, as well as an outstanding 10 year warranty.

Side Sliding Convenience

In situations where headroom is limited, you want to be able to open part of the door at a time or you have an extra wide opening then side-sliding doors can be a great option. Made from the same panels as the conventional sectional but with a different mechanism renders all the same style and finish options available. Check out the brochure in the section below from our preferred supplier, Ryterna.

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