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Garage Door Repairs & Spares

Don’t despair – we can repair!
Keeping your garage door maintained and working properly is
all part of the Up & Over service. Additionally, if your garage door has been damaged in more unusual circumstances such as by fire, flood, break-in or accident we can provide a full quote for your insurance company.
We stock a huge range of garage door spares for virtually every type and style of door – including long obsolete parts as we have collected a huge range of spares over the last 39 years of garage door installing and repairing. So whether you need our garage door repairs team to simple carry out a service to keep your door in top condition, to supply and install a replacement set of springs, or you simply need a new cable, handle or lock, we can supply anything you require to get your garage door back to peak performance.

We offer both brand new and reconditioned garage door spares, to give you the widest choice. All our reconditioned replacement parts are completely stripped and cleaned in our workshop, so you can be sure of a spare that suits your requirements and your budget. We often get asked about Garage door springs - how long do they last and are they dangerous if they break? We can answer these questions and many more besides to your satisfaction.
We also offer a wide range of products such as additional locking and security devices that can be retro-fitted as well as flooring and storage solutions. Get in touch today for a friendly and impartial service.


Additional Information:

Garage Doors Maintenance Service


Up & Over offer regular servicing to keep your door functioning at its best.


An often overlooked but very important part of owning a garage door is servicing. Many manufacturers often require the door to be serviced annually as a condition of their warranty. Maintenance will also help to prolong the life and smooth operation of your door, highlighting areas that may need urgent attention, such as worn arms or rusty cables, so that preventative action will stop your garage doors from becoming inoperable or even dangerous.

garage door servicing

Diagnose your door problem

If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your door or are struggling to identify the broken part then email us a photo of the problem to:
We’ll come back to you with a solution and a price for the repair ASAP.

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