Choosing a Wooden Garage Door

When it comes to garage doors, the wood you choose may be a simple question but there are a number of answers. At Up&Over we know that many people like everything from traditional oak finishes to lighter pine depending on what type of property you have.

But of course as a natural material wood has its drawbacks – it can warp and lose shape so we always recommend pre-seasoned and finished wood in the garage doors we fit. Today virtually all the other materials used in all the main types of door can be supplied with a very effective wood grain finish. So it is possible to have the advantages of a wood finish without the disadvantages or costliness.

To help you sort the wood from the trees, let’s look at the various options.

Timber Garage Doors

Natural wood has a beauty and warmth unmatched by steel, aluminium or fibre glass. Traditional wooden garage doors are individually made in three types of wood, all supplied from 100% sustainable sources…

Finest Cedar

Nordic Pine

Hemlock Oak

All doors are finished with a special varnish and can if required be painted a particular colour on site. You can often choose to have a wooden door with a strong steel frame. As well as looking good wood is a better insulator than metal but care must be taken to ensure a close fitting.

They are available in the three main types of door;-

Up and Over

Side Hinged


Often timber garage doors are fitted with glass windows to add to the internal light and the external appeal. Because wood is in fact the heaviest material we always recommend you consider motorisation of wooden garage doors.

When it comes to maintaining natural wood garage doors – a regular wipe and renewing the varnish finish every 2- 3 years is all that is required.

Brands offering Natural Wood

The brands that we offer include Cedar Door, Hormann and Garador. Silvelox with their exclusive Domina brand have developed a sectional door steel frame for a natural wood door. These are a little more expensive but well worth a closer look!

There are many options for garage doors with the appearance of wood. This is achieved by applying a tough laminate which is available in Oak and Mahogany, Rosewood and Pine. The coating comes with a 10 year warranty and will require only an occasional wipe to keep up appearances. It costs around 10% more than the standard paint finish but is still cheaper than natural wood. Most of the brands we stock have a wood finish offering.

One advantage to considering a wood finish metal garage door is that you can have a lighter and space saving roller shutter in insulated aluminium. The main brands offering insulated roller shutter doors are Novorol, Seceurglide and Gliderol. There is even an Italian inspired brand called Overlap which offers the new sectional door in a wood finish.

The choice is yours. If you choose the beauty and warmth of wood make sure it is properly finished before fitting and be prepared for some maintenance and refurbishment.

If budget or specific circumstances are key, then today’s wood finishes are very realistic and available in virtually every type of door for a small premium.

Whatever you choose Up&Over Doors has been been helping customers make the right choice of garage doors for almost 40 years.