Prices for manual roller doors start from £820 including VAT. Book a free survey now.

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Taunton Roller Garage Doors

At Up & Over Doors we offer two main types of roller doors: aluminium roller shutter garage doors with built-in operation and single-skin steel rollers which are typically manual but can be automated. Both offer the practicality of needing minimal space in the garage, vertical opening, are both  available in a wide range of colours at one low price and both have excellent weatherproofing.

Insulated Roller Garage Doors:

Increasingly the most popular door in the marketplace, insulated roller doors are constructed from two layers of aluminium with a foam core and are automated as standard with remote control. They offer great security. From our preferred supplier, AlluGuard, they come in the police-preferred ‘Secure by Design’ specification with an alarm as standard. With two profiles of door –the 77mm and the 55mm – there is a door to suit virtually all garages with headroom requirements of 300mm and 205mm respectively.

Single-Skin Roller Garage Doors:

Whilst they do not have the insulation of the aluminium doors, these doors still offer great built-in weatherproofing, have an extremely robust outer skin of Plastisol which is available in a wide range of colours at no additional cost and can be motorised if desired. They offer a good budget alternative to an up and over door, are easy to use manually thanks to their in-built spring mechanism and, in their Mini format, only need 330mm headroom.

Why Buy our Roller Garage Doors in Taunton

  • Light and easy to use in manual or even easier with automatic remote control
  • Very safe with built in safety brake and edge
  • Good for domestic or commercial garages up to 5.2 metres wide
  • Great weatherproofing
  • Do not rust and require minimal maintenance
  • Insulated doors are available with windows
  • Guaranteed for up to 10 years

– Manual roller door prices start from £820
– Insulated auto ‘secure by design’ prices start from £1350
– Both prices are including VAT. 
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As a totally independent specialist, we work with all the leading manufacturers to give you the solution that suits you best, not simply offering you our own or affiliated brands. For further information take a look at the interactive image and links below:

Quick Facts About Taunton Roller Garage Doors

Hover over the numbers on the image below for the quick facts on Roller Doors
Roller Garage Doors Taunton

Space Saving

Roller Doors require minimal space within the garage and vertical opening can be especially helpful with short drives


All roller doors have enhanced weatherproofing at the sides and bottom edge, with the most popular type being insulated too

Automated As Standard

Our most popular roller doors, the insulated variety, are automatic as standard but all roller doors are suitable for motorisation


Unlike most garage doors, roller doors include a range of colours and even some timber effects as standard


For automated doors, an integrated safety edge and safety brake mean that there is no risk of damage to people or property


Our most popular roller door is ‘Secure by Design’ as standard and has a built in alarm to withstand and discourage any unwanted attention

Additional Information About Roller Garage Doors in Taunton

Insulated Rollers

Insulated roller doors are constructed from individual interlocking slats made from aluminium. When the door opens it rolls around itself and has a special enclosed housing to protect it which also contains the motor. The safety of you and your family is guaranteed by a safety edge and safety brake.

Single-Skin Rollers

Single-skin rollers are made from a continuous sheet of corrugated powder-coated steel with a Plastisol finish to the external face for durability. They operate in much the same way as their insulated cousin, rolling up vertically around themselves when operated, but without the benefit of the housing so they remain exposed.

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